Our contractors specialise in completing comprehensive groundwork services on time and within budget, and will always aim to provide a service that is right first time. Safety and quality remains at the forefront of everything we do, and we will always implement safety protocols at the start of any project.

Our team are here to deliver precise solutions even in the most challenging conditions, and we are confident we will meet and exceed your expectations no matter the terrain, environment, weather or ground conditions.

Please see below for more information on the services we provide.

Concrete Bases

No job is too small. We can provide the expertise for small domestic projects or large industrial groundwork and trenching applications. From demolition to site clearance, and trenching for foundations. Our highly diversified work includes landscaping, digging of ponds, trenching and site clearance.


We will always ensure the correct machinery is being used and maintained to suit the ground conditions. This leads to a higher rate of productivity whilst keeping down costs.

We are always at the forefront of trenching technology, allowing us to undertake projects that many of our competitors cannot.

Substation Construction

DwD has a proven track record of installing and constructing large scale projects to a high standard within challenging timeframes.
We employ a highly skilled team, who have the experience, expertise and knowledge to install the foundations for complex high voltage systems.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of track construction and maintenance, and have recently introduced some new technology to our fleet of equipment. This is specifically aimed at trackway improvements and the speed in which they can be constructed. 

Cable Laying 

Our highly experienced cable laying team are confident installing high voltage, low voltage, DC cable, earth and associated communication cables. They have experience doing so for clients in the UK and Europe.

DwD ensures that the cables are installed to a high standard and meet all necessary regulations.


We offer a complete range of drainage solutions from land drains, soakaways or even simple swales.

Whether it’s starting from scratch or providing a problem-solving consultation, we have the technology and expertise to ensure great results.